What Parents and Professionals Are Saying About The Baby Signs® Program

Because my father-in-law is Deaf, all his grandchildren were taught to sign. I was the first one, though, that had heard about the Baby Signs® Program and could try it with my own daughter. My father-in-law was so impressed with how easily she learned the signs at such a young age that he's now a super big fan and recommends the program to every parent he meets.

—Bonita, Virginia ICI

Love, love, love this job! Signing with hearing babies is the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

I’m most happy in a job where I can positively affect or make a difference for others. The Baby Signs® Program is very fulfilling and knowing you can make a big difference in a child’s life is huge for me. It provides endless joy and opportunities with each new child and family I come into contact with. I’m so glad I found this opportunity and will continue doing it as long as I possibly can.

Tina Cavanaugh
Independent Certified Instructor & On the Grow™ Educator

Must have for parents!

I cannot say enough about this program and all that it has added to our relationship with our little ones. This is a practical easy to use system for communicating with your baby. Both of my children, now 2 and 4, are very verbal and have been able to express themselves from very early on. This book is well worth the investment—after all, being able to meet their needs and communicate with our children is priceless!

–A parent from Naperville, Illinois

It works, it works, it works!

I bought Baby Signs when my baby was just a couple months old. I saw a story on the authors and I had to check it out. We started signing a couple things at 6+ months. I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT THIS!!! REALLY!  My son can tell me when he wants a drink, and when he wants a snack, etc.!! I LOVE this!! We have friends that have a baby that is 2 weeks older... and there is a lot more whining and frustration in that home than ours!! (she is not talking yet at all) TRY IT. It takes consistency, but it is worth it!!

–A parent from Eastern Iowa

A priceless gift.

Thank you so much for creating this program so that I could help my children communicate with me! I am excited to see that the Baby Signs concept is becoming so well known and feel privileged to have stumbled onto it. I don’t know if I have ever recommended a book to others more than I have this one!

–A parent from Alberta, Canada

The best thing I’ve done for my child!

I think signing with my baby is the single most important thing I have done to enhance her development and our relationship. Baby Signs has enriched our lives in so many amazing ways!

–A parent from Dallas, Texas

Love Child

I can talk to my baby before my baby can talk!

I used this program with my now 5-year-old. By the time he talked, he was using over 40 practical signs. He was talking in sentences by age 2. I now have a 14-month-old son who also uses many signs—and makes up his own! It is so wonderful to be able to communicate with my baby. He tells me what he sees, hears, wants, and how he feels. At 14 months old!!

–A parent from California

We know what our babies want!

We have used this program with both of our sons. Our oldest (now three) has a vocabulary more than most five-year-olds. Even our pediatrician commented on his vocabulary skills. But all of this is secondary to just being able to meet the needs of our kids. We know if they are hungry, tired, thirsty, or need a diaper change.

–A parent from Cincinnati, Ohio

A stress reducer.

I’m a language development specialist and an English teacher, and I love to see the way this method encourages the formation of language concepts in my baby’s mind. She’s been “saying” three-word sentences since thirteen months, and the level of bonding and reduction of what-does-that-baby-need stress has been remarkable.

–A parent from Central California

A great concept, simply presented!

Finding this program was one of the greatest things to happen to me as a parent. Using Baby Signs is amazing. I gained so much respect for my son, (and had such a great time) using Baby Signs with him. He could express his needs, his desires, his ideas, and even make a few jokes and puns. Please, do this with your baby. Don't be intimidated! Now my son is 2 1/2 and he constantly amazes people because he can speak and think like a 4 or 5 year old. I credit "Baby Signs.”

–A parent from Dallas, Texas

Even with my educational background in ASL(American Sign Language) I decided to go ahead and check out baby signing.   We had a blast at the sign, say & play classes!  I was amazed how the signs were simular, yet just modifed for little hands.  I got started signing right away, my son, Tyler, was about 9 months old when we began and he took off signing right away.  We still have days where he won't do any signs (but I haven't given up) I'm sure as he gets older it will help him to communicate his fustrations.  I highly recommend baby signs to parents, siblings, extended family and anyone who will be around young children!  Baby signs is an excellent form of communication!!!!!

Happy Signing,

The Berchielli Family

Thank you for bringing the baby sign classes to our community. I would definitely recommend families interested in signing to attend this program. The class was a great intro!

When one of my 2-year old twin nieces couldn't understand what the other was saying to her, she turn to her and said and signed, "sign it!"  Even at two, they understand that signs prevail when speech can't.


- Cindy Forstall 

"We can't compliment Baby Signs enough on the quality of the materials and the many resources and marketing tools provided. It is such a well thought out and finely oiled machine and we're looking forward to being part of the team....

-Mistie & Jennifer "

I have been an ICI for a year and signing with my daughter since she was about 3 months old. She started signing back 'milk' at 6 months and added a few mores signs every few weeks at about 8-9 months old. Then, she started learning to walk and most of her signing went away completely. I was a little upset, but kept signing because I knew that they would come back after learning such a big milestone at 10 months old(walking).

Well, she has now mastered walking and the signs have come back in FULL swing!! She has been adding about 3-4 signs every month for the past 2 months, but they were sporatic and not very consistant.

She turned 15 months old today and starting last week she has hit that "sign language expolosion" you hear so much about. I have seen it with other kids as an ICI and earlier in my life, but it is so different when it is your own.

She is now starting to use the same signs repeatedly and consistantly with different activities. I just keep finding new opportunities to add in a new sign or 2; especially during her 'pretend play'. I am so filled with excitement that I had to share it with you too!

Thanks for reading!
Alicia Adkins

Thank you so much! I have to tell you that I was a little nervous about starting this venture "on my own" I am quickly realizing that I am not on my own at all! You guys have answered all of my questions super fast and the program is extremely user friendly. It guides you every step of the way. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated! 


"We began teaching our 11 month old daughter Baby Signs® shortly after attending a workshop in our community.  She quickly picked up some of the signs and began signing back about 2 weeks later.  We were out for a walk one day when she began saying "mama, mama" and when I turned back [to her wagon] to look at her, she was signing cookie to me.  When I asked her if she wanted a cookie, she began nodding her head with a very big smile.  Once finished with the cookie, she began pointing at the palm of her opposite hand and saying "mo-mo-mo".  I then gave her another cookie and she was so excited.  From that point on, we realized that communicating with each other can be very easy.  Now three months later, she has quite a [signing] vocabulary and our whole family has come to understand much of what she wants/needs.  Thank you Baby Signs® for teaching us how to communicate with our tot long before she was able to vocalize with us."

Wendy and Sean Kelly

I bought a Baby Signs® Parent Kit when I had three children under the age of three and an in-home childcare provider. I had never signed before, my self-esteem was low, and I was barely staying above water. With in a few weeks of starting signing, our dynamics totally changed. I was effectively communicating with my children and childcare children which boosted my self-esteem. They were also effectively communicating with each other, resulting in minimal tantrums and fights. I became a Independent Certified Instructor shortly after that. When one of my daughters started having seizures, I was able to work with her through sign to attain more information to give doctors. She was successfully diagnosed and treated early without any long-term effects as a result. The support I received from other instructors was HUGE! I was constantly watching for clues from children to effectively communicate. That carried over into other areas of my life. I started picking up on unintentional cues from others. This has helped to avoid numerous potentially dangerous situations and keep us safe. The Baby Signs® Program has changed our lives in more ways than I can count. I cannot recommend it enough! The program is far above 5 stars!! ~Heather

I must say, that in the short time that I have been an instructor, I have enjoyed it. I did my first Parent Workshop (PW) this year! It was a very small comfortable start for me, with 5 people present (3 families represented). I am scheduled to teach more classes this Fall, and I am looking forward to it!
Seeing the joy on the faces of the families during the PW was not only a joy, but quite rewarding.
If and when you have questions or need ideas, Michelle is there to assist you. She has truly been a source of encouragement to me. She responds quickly to any questions or concerns that I may have. She has walked me through those times when I felt like I wasn't ready. "THANK YOU MICHELLE!

I would like to encourage anyone who is interested in assisting families and their little ones with talking before they can talk, to try out The Baby Signs Program. I believe that you will see as I did, that it is a worthwhile investment.  ~Barbara

"I want to thank you for your book and for the sign language program for babies. Without it I would have missed many things that pass by my baby's mind. That she is hearing dogs (if I would have been paying attention, I would have heard them too!). That the moon is in the sky during the day. That I had made a mistake while camping and gave her water from the wrong thermos and it was hot instead of cold, preventing a disaster. That in a picture of an old building almost hidden there was a cat. That an ostrich kind of looks like a caw (it's her mind, not mine!) That a fan can be named arms moving up and down (she has also created her word for guitar. Kind of a very delicate air violin) and that she can remember it 3 months later on the second time in her 18 months that she seen one (not many fans around) even when the first one was on the roof and the second one was on the floor. They where both "arms up and down"." That it is time to eat (her favourite word, followed by "more". Both said at 10 months old, a couple of days after we started signing. So glad for them, the alternative will be crying when hungry!) and that I should buy some of those bananas that I almost missed at the market. That today would be a good idea to eat peas (actually every day is a good idea.) and that this corner was where we are passing is the same corner where we bought the peas' sandwich 6 weeks ago (sorry baby, it was closed that second time.) That a dead fish by the shore is the same fish we grill and eat and that we should bath at the sea as we do at the bathtub every night. That bubbles everyday are appreciated. That what is so scary on her new doll is the light, as she signed from a safe spot behind the sofa (So right. Who would put a light inside a baby doll? She was creepy ) but she wears a nice hat.
She trust me when I say that chocolate is a hand rubbing over the wrist (how you didn't include such a important word?) and that hummus is a hand buttering the other (I see how hummus may not be a top choice. But she likes it almost as much as chocolate.) For sure the program has increased our trust on each other, our communication, our comprehension and off course, our love. So, as I said in the beginning, thanks so much for it! ~ Daniela"

Daniela and her daughter, Assanatu, (22 months old) from Senegal, West Africa.

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