Baby Signs® Publicity Summary

Since the 1996 publication of the best-selling book Baby Signs: How to Talk With Your Baby
Before Your Baby Can Talk, the Baby Signs® Program has regularly featured in the national media.

A drawing of a boy holding a newspaper while making baby signs.
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National Television

Hallmark Channel: Baby Sign Language 101
CNN (5/14)
CBS’s The Doctors (2008)
Parent TV/Better TV (2008)
ABC’s Good Morning America (2006)
BBC News (3/06)
Discovery Health Channel (4/06)
NBC Today Show (2/06, 8/96, 11/22)
NBC Nightly News (2005)
Oprah Winfrey Show (8/96)
Dateline NBC (5/96)
Ripley's Believe it or Not! (S1 E10) (2000)



Major Newspapers

Orlando Health (5/23, 1/24)
USA Today
Chicago Parent (4/17)
Daily Republic (10/12)

New York Times
LA Times (11/95)
Washington Post
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
San Diego Union Tribune

Online Articles

Orlando Health (1/24)
Yahoo! Life (7/23)
What to Expect (5/23) (1/22)
The Bump (9/22)
BabyCenter (3/22) (5/14, 10/19)
ABC News (2/09)

Zero to Three (2008)
Parenting Science
American Academy of Pediatrics News (2001)
CBS 6/99


Major Magazines

Parents (9/96, 1/00, 7/00, 6/01, 3/03, 6/08, 11/09, (6/15, 1/20)
NAEYC Young Children (3/17)
ASHA Wire (11/10)
American Baby (4/10)
Preemie Magazine (Summer 2006): Growing Up: All the Right Signs
DeafLife: The Boom in Baby Signing (3/07)
Parenting (5/96, 9/00, 11/00, 9/06)
Life (2/05)
USA Weekend (01/03)
Utne Reader (4/02)
US News & World Report (10/02)
Business Week (8/00)
Newsweek (2000 Your Child, 8/05, 3/05)
Redbook (7/98)
Modern Dad (1996)
Child (5/96)

Media Highlights

Meet the Fockers - Hit comedy featuring signing baby “Little Jack”
The Doctors: “The Latest in Potty Training”
Parents Magazine:
“Best Baby Classes”
Life Magazine: “The Boom in Baby Sign Language: The surprising trend every parent is talking about”
Good Morning America: “Baby Sign Language May Boost IQ”
NBC Nightly News: “Giving Babies a Learning Boost”
Today Show: “Sign of the Times”
Newsweek: “Talk to the Hand”
USA Weekend: “15 Things You Must Do for Your Baby”
Newsweek Society - “Reading Your Baby's Mind”
Discovery Health Channel: ”Teaching your baby to sign”
Ripley's Believe it or Not! (S1 E10) (2000)