ICI Agreement

The entire ICI Agreement is presented below, but please print a copy for your records. When you have finished reviewing the agreement, please check the "ICI Agreement" box to indicate your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Instructor Business Kit

Please read and agree to abide by the terms of the ICI Agreement.

Your Instructor Business Kit will have all the training materials you need to become certified and all the Instructor materials needed to teach the Parent Workshop, Sign, Say & Play™ Classes, and MORE Sign, Say & Play™ Classes.
Note: As of 1/1/23, BeeBo™, the Baby Signs® Bear puppet, is no longer included in the business kit.

The Instructor Business Kit includes:
USB Flash Drive with all files, music, and videos

ICI Handbook:

  • Program Overview
  • Teaching Babies and Adults
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Instructional Resources and Business Aids

Teaching Tools:

  • Sign, Say & Play™ and Instructional Music
  • MORE Sign, Say & Play™ and Instructional Music
  • Concept Cards Set 1 & 2
  • Circle Time Book Collection Set 1 & 2
  • Let's Get Started! Guide
  • Let's Get Started! Files
  • Curricula Manuals
  • Curricula Video
  • Workshop Presentation Video
  • Video Dictionary

Marketing Starter Pack:

  • Baby Signs® Program Introduction Video
  • Marketing Toolbox Files -- includes two promotional classes, handouts, social media marketing banners, posters, and more!
  • 5 Quick Reference Guides

Payment: All fees and prices are in USD. Baby Signs Too, LLC accepts all major credit cards and PayPal. If you need to make payment by other means, please contact us via email at info@babysigns.com, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Please allow 7 - 10 business days for standard delivery. Shipping times do not include 2 - 3 business days processing time. ("Business days" means Monday-Friday, excluding holidays.)

International Orders: After your order is processed, please allow 7 - 10 business days for delivery. When orders shipped internationally reach the destination country, they may be subject to customs clearance procedures, which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.

International Shipping: Please note that Baby Signs Too, LLC is not responsible for taxes, duties, and fees that foreign governments and agencies charge. We will include and collect shipping charges in the original payment amount, but any additional charges incurred will be the responsibility of the individual instructor. Some countries also require us to include an initial tax payment. If this is the case, we will include this charge in the invoice. Baby Signs Too, LLC highly suggests that instructors familiarize themselves with the policies of their country prior to placing orders so that they can accurately determine the final cost of the resources and products purchased.

Refund/Return Policy: If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, return all items in resalable condition within 15 days of receipt for a full refund, less the cost of shipping and restocking fee of 10% of subtotal.

Return/Refund Policy for Digital Media Downloads
Due to the nature of digital media downloads, we do not accept refunds or returns. Unless otherwise indicated, Baby Signs Too, LLC will only refund the purchase price if there is a technical problem with the digital media download that, in Baby Signs Too, LLC's judgment, cannot be resolved within 10 business days of your request. However, before starting the refund process, we are pleased to assist you in resolving any problem you may encounter. Please contact us via email at info@babysigns.com.

Defective Items
If a product is defective within thirty (30) days from receipt, you may return it for an immediate replacement. Defective items may only be exchanged for the same product. If you would like to exchange a defective item, please contact info@babysigns.com.

Again, congratulations on choosing to become a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor. You are now on your way to transforming the lives of babies and their families!

®2007 The Baby Signs Partnership
Revised 1/2023

ICI Agreement


Independent Certified Instructor Agreement

1. Application Requirements

  • 1.1 I hereby apply to become an authorized Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor (hereinafter “ICI”).
  • 1.2 I understand that to become a Baby Signs® ICI, I must read and agree to abide by this Agreement, order and pay for my instructor kit, and complete my certified training.
  • 1.3 If I am applying for a Canada or International ICI, I understand that I am responsible for all shipping charges, duties, taxes, brokerage, and other fees as required by my country, and I understand I may establish an international shipping account with my preferred shipping provider such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. Otherwise, I accept Baby Signs Too, LLC use of the United States Postal Service (USPS) or UPS to ship my products, and I understand that all required fees will be added to my order total. I understand all product orders will be shipped within 2 weeks after payment.

2. Independent Contractor Status

  • 2.1 As an ICI, I will be an independent contractor, not an employee, agent, or legal representative of the Baby Signs® Program or Baby Signs Too, LLC.
  • 2.2 I will be responsible for my business and financial success and understand that Baby Signs Too, LLC does not guarantee any potential earnings.
  • 2.3 I further understand that I am to comply with all local, state/province, and federal laws pertaining to my business's conduct and the merchandising of the products to be offered for sale.
  • 2.4 I accept sole responsibility for all self-employment (Social Security) and income taxes due on my income as an ICI. I accept responsibility for all sales taxes and monies due to local, state/province, and other governmental agencies.

3. Policies

  • 3.1 I agree to abide by all Baby Signs Too, LLC policies set forth in the ICI Handbook and any other company-authorized communications. I understand that I am responsible for abiding by any new policies and procedures set forth after the signing of this Agreement. I understand that updated policies and procedures are maintained on the Instructor Support Site and that Baby Signs Too, LLC will make announcements when changes have been made.
  • 3.2 I agree to conduct my business honestly, ethically, and responsibly to reflect the highest degree of credibility for the Baby Signs® Program and me.
  • 3.2.1 I will use only verifiable and current information when teaching Baby Signs® classes and workshops. I will not create false expectations about the Baby Signs® Programs.
  • 3.2.2 I will create a professional environment that is free from discrimination of any kind. I will follow through on all promises to my customers.
  • 3.2.3 I will follow the corporate guidelines in dealing with customers and ensure that every sale of a Baby Signs® product is ethically gained and follows all corporate standards. Because our success as a company is directly linked to the satisfaction of its clients and customers, I accept responsibility for ensuring each customer’s interaction with me is rewarding and enjoyable.
  • 3.2.4 I will responsibly handle customer monies and comply with federal, state/province and local taxes and regulations with respect to my business and personal finances. Furthermore, I will be responsible for paying all my expenses incurred in conducting my business.
  • 3.2.5 I will interact with Baby Signs Too, LLC, and fellow Instructors with a spirit of cooperation.
  • 3.2.6 I will advise Baby Signs Too, LLC of my knowledge of any questionable or unethical activities that would violate this code.
  • 3.3 I agree to abide by Baby Signs Too, LLC policies regarding using the Baby Signs® name and trademark. I understand that I represent myself as a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor offering Baby Signs® workshops, classes, and training. I will use the registered trademark symbol (®) with the Baby Signs® name in my written communications wherever possible.
  • 3.4 I will accurately present the benefits of the Baby Signs® programs and products to my participants/customers. I will not make claims contrary to the authorized program or product literature.
  • 3.5 I understand that once I have completed my Instructor training and have become certified, I can list my contact information on the Instructor Directory of the www.babysigns.com website.
  • 3.5.1 I also understand that materials on all Baby Signs® websites (www.babysigns.com) are copyrighted, and using any information without written permission violates those copyrights.
  • 3.6 I agree to teach only Baby Signs® workshops, classes, and training using the approved curricula. I agree to refrain from representing or giving classes for other companies that use or implement infant sign language classes or workshop curricula. Additionally, I agree to sell only Baby Signs® products at my Baby Signs® workshops and classes unless I obtain prior approval in writing from Baby Signs Too, LLC. I agree to refrain from representing or selling products from other companies that produce or distribute infant sign language products.
  • 3.7 I understand that all Baby Signs® curricula, training, and ICI materials are the intellectual property of the Baby Signs® Partnership. I will not distribute or give these materials to anyone at any time.
  • 3.8 I understand that if I have a business partner, spouse, or domestic partner who wants to conduct Baby Signs® workshops and classes, this person must independently become a Baby Signs® ICI.

4. Agreement Term

  • 4.1 I understand that this Agreement will remain in effect for 12 months from the date a signed copy is received by Baby Signs Too, LLC, and shall automatically be renewed at each anniversary date for 12 months unless I receive in writing a 30-day Notice of Termination. Such termination may not occur without “just cause.” The term “just cause” shall mean, but not be limited to, any of the following:
  • a. A material breach of the terms of this Agreement.
  • b. A violation of law, mishandling of customer money, submitting bad checks, or falsifying reports, records, or other information. Any disagreement between me and Baby Sign Too, LLC regarding my termination shall be resolved through mediation.
  • 4.2 I understand that Baby Sign Too, LLC may terminate this Agreement at any time if I fail to comply with the terms of this Agreement or with the Policies and Procedures included in the Independent Certified Instructor Handbook.
  • 4.3 I understand that I may terminate this Agreement at any time upon 30 day written notice to Baby Sign Too, LLC, and resign as an ICI. Should I resign, I also understand that all Baby Signs® products and Baby Signs® curricula, training, and ICI materials are intellectual properties of the Baby Signs® Program and are protected by copyrights. Therefore, I understand that I may not adapt or modify in any way or publicly display, perform, distribute, or otherwise use the materials for any public or commercial purpose.
  • 4.4 If I request my reinstatement as an ICI, I understand that I must contact Baby Sign Too, LLC, to receive updated agreement forms, curricula, and materials that may need to be acquired at an additional cost.
  • 4.5 I understand that this Agreement is personal and may not be assigned to any other person, partnership, or corporation without written consent from Baby Sign Too, LLC.

5. Indemnification

  • 5.1 I understand and agree that Baby SignsToo, LLC will not defend and hold me harmless from a claim of damage or injury arising from claims or usage I recommend that is contrary to the Baby Signs® written information stating the benefits and proper use of Baby Signs® products.

6. Conflict Resolution

  • 6.1 I understand and agree that the laws of the state of California shall govern this Agreement. I agree to amicably and quickly resolve any issues not addressed in this Agreement or arising from business activities.
  • 6.2 I understand that any conflict between me and Baby Sign Too, LLC that cannot be resolved amicably shall be resolved through arbitration.

7. Execution of This Document

This Agreement may be signed and transmitted electronically or by mail.