Signing Sentences: When One Sign Isn’t Enough!


There’s no doubt that a single sign—such as MORE, for example—conveys important information. But there’s also no denying that the combination MORE plus COOKIE is even clearer. Babies seem to know this intuitively; that’s why as soon as they can, they begin stringing two words (or signs!) together and sentences are born. This important intellectual milestone—…

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Empowering the Antelope Valley Community: Highlights from the Baby Signs® 2-Day Instructor Certification Training

Best Start ICI Training

Last week’s Baby Signs® 2-Day Instructor Certification Training, proudly sponsored by Best Start Antelope Valley, brought together a diverse group of 45 passionate professionals from the childcare, doula, speech-language pathology (SLP), lactation consulting, and early intervention fields. Held in Palmdale, CA, this transformative event equipped attendees with the training and resources needed to revolutionize early…

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