Baby Signs Mexico

Maria Bornacini’s Baby Signs® Journey in Mexico

Empowering Communication and Bonding

Communication is a fundamental aspect of human connection, and for infants, it’s their window to the world. Enter Baby Signs®, a program that has been transforming the way babies and their caregivers communicate. In Mexico, Maria Bornacini is taking the lead as a Baby Signs® International Partner, making a significant impact on families across the country.

An Unexpected Introduction to the Baby Signs® Program:

Maria Bornacini’s journey with the Baby Signs® Program began at a pivotal moment in her life – becoming a mother for the first time. Fast forward 15 years, and she’s still using this program as a valuable tool, not only for her own family but also for her community. The transformative power of the Baby Signs® Program inspired her to share it with others.

A Passion for Empowering Others:

Maria’s passion for teaching Baby Signs® was fueled by her desire to empower families and educators. She recognized the immense potential of the program in facilitating early communication between infants and their caregivers. This passion was the driving force behind her decision to become a Baby Signs® instructor and later an International Partner for Mexico.

A Unique Blend of Expertise:

With a background as a psychomotor therapist, Maria understands that effective communication extends beyond words. It involves the seamless integration of mind and body. Her expertise complements the Baby Signs® program, allowing her to offer a holistic approach to early childhood development.

A Decade of Impact:

Maria’s commitment to the Baby Signs® Program spans nearly a decade. Over the years, she has successfully trained a network of instructors in Mexico, empowering them to teach Baby Signs® classes to even more families.

Growing Baby Signs® Community:

In Mexico, there are currently up to 60 Baby Signs instructors, a testament to the growing demand and recognition of the program’s effectiveness in enhancing early communication and bonding.

The Magic of the Baby Signs® Program:

Maria firmly believes that the magic of Baby Signs® lies in its ability to facilitate trustful bonding. Through playing, hugging, kissing, cuddling, and communicating with signs, caregivers and infants form strong connections that last a lifetime.

Changing Lives and Early Autism Diagnosis:

Maria and her team have made a remarkable discovery: using infant sign language can also assist in the early diagnosis of autism. Many mothers have shared stories of improved communication with their children through the Baby Signs® method, which has not only enriched their lives but also potentially paved the way for early intervention.

Advice for Parents and Professionals:

For parents and professionals interested in teaching babies to sign, Maria offers valuable advice – engage with your baby. Play, cuddle, and get down on the floor with them. These actions, combined with Baby Signs®, plant the seeds for strong language and social skills that will benefit your child for a lifetime.

Online Instructor Training:

As an International Partner, Maria has developed a comprehensive 16-hour online training program for Baby Signs® instructors. The course is divided into four modules, covering the importance of secure bonding, communication skills, the significance and benefits of Baby Signs®, and practical sign language practice.

Maria Bornacini’s dedication to the Baby Signs® program has not only changed the way infants and their caregivers communicate in Mexico but has also opened doors to early autism diagnosis. Her passion for empowering families and professionals in teaching Baby Signs® is making a lasting impact on the lives of countless children. Maria Bornacini’s work is a testament to the transformative power of effective communication and bonding in the early years of a child’s life.

If you reside in Mexico and would like to learn more about becoming a certified Baby Signs® Instructor, please contact:

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