Communicate, Connect, Thrive: Maricar’s Journey as a Baby Signs® Instructor and Postpartum Doula


Meet Maricar, a passionate and dedicated Baby Signs® certified instructor from Along Came A Doula LLC. Born in San Francisco, she later moved to San Diego and eventually found herself in Northern Virginia, where she currently resides. Maricar’s journey into teaching Baby Signs® classes began with a fascination for the powerful communication tool that she witnessed in action within her own family.

Background and Inspiration

Maricar’s introduction to infant sign language occurred when her cousin used it to effectively communicate with her child. Intrigued by its effectiveness, Maricar delved into her own research and incorporated infant sign language into her Infant/Toddler classrooms during her time as an Early Childhood Educator.

After more than a decade of teaching and nurturing children from infancy to first grade, Maricar decided to pivot her career and establish her postpartum business, Along Came A Doula. Becoming a Baby Signs® instructor was a natural progression, allowing her to offer an additional service to help parents communicate with their children during their early developmental stages.

Expertise and Experience

Maricar’s background in early childhood education spans over two decades. Starting as a part-time Early Childhood Educator, she quickly gained the trust of her Director, leading to a permanent full-time position. Over the years, she accumulated valuable experience nurturing and teaching children from infancy to first grade.

In October 2023, Maricar officially became a Baby Signs® instructor, adding another dimension to her already impressive career. She has been teaching infant sign language for over seven years, bringing her wealth of knowledge to families in Northern Virginia.

Rewards of the Journey

For Maricar, the most rewarding aspect of her work is witnessing infants and toddlers reach their developmental milestones as they learn and grow. Through the use of Baby Signs®, she has observed a reduction in tantrums, meltdowns, and biting in her classrooms, creating a more harmonious environment for both caregivers and children.

Benefits of the Baby Signs® Program

In Maricar’s experience, using the Baby Signs® Program has profound benefits for infants and their caregivers. The ability to communicate with infants before they can verbalize their needs not only minimizes frustration but also strengthens the bond between caregivers and infants. Maricar emphasizes that effective communication lays the foundation for a smoother parenting journey.

Success Stories and Memorable Moments

Maricar shares heartwarming success stories from her Baby Signs® classes. One notable moment occurred during mealtime when a 10-month-old eagerly signed “more” and “please” with every bite, showcasing the power of early communication.

In a 1st-grade classroom setting, Maricar successfully implemented Baby Signs® to streamline bathroom breaks. Instead of interruptions, students quietly signed “Potty,” reducing distractions during lessons.

Advice for Parents and Professionals

Encouraging parents and professionals to embrace infant sign language, Maricar emphasizes the effectiveness of communication. Her advice is simple: “Do it! I’m all about communicating effectively!”

For organizations in children’s health and education, Maricar has implemented infant sign language in classrooms, involving both staff and parents. The positive outcomes include improved communication among children and a more engaged and supportive learning environment.

Beyond Baby Signs®: Postpartum Doula Services

Maricar extends her support beyond Baby Signs® classes, offering postpartum doula services to new parents. Her passion lies in being a pillar of support for mothers and children during the challenging transition into parenthood. Maricar aims to dismantle the notion that parents have to navigate this journey alone, emphasizing the importance of a robust support system.

Her journey towards becoming a postpartum doula began with a profound realization of the importance of supporting mothers and children. This revelation occurred during her tenure at an Ob/Gyn office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Motivated by this calling, she decided to build a career focused on supporting growing families, eventually leading her to the fulfilling role of a postpartum doula.

Transitioning from a part-time Early Childhood Educator to a permanent full-time position was a pivotal moment in her career. With over two decades of experience nurturing and teaching children from infancy to first grade, she decided to embark on a new chapter. This leap of faith led her to officially start working as a postpartum doula this year, bringing her accumulated wisdom and expertise to families in need of compassionate support.

Maricar’s journey from Early Childhood Educator to Baby Signs® instructor and postpartum doula reflects her unwavering commitment to the well-being of children and families. Through effective communication and comprehensive support, Maricar is making a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves, enriching the parenting experience one sign at a time.

In addition, Maricar teaches specialized sessions like Rumble Tumble Tummy Time™, designed to enhance the developmental journey of infants. As a Baby Gift Registry Expert, she offers personalized advice tailored to parents needs and preferences, and helps them make the best choices for their family. Maricar has partnered with Be Her Village, an organization dedicated to assisting mothers in accessing the necessary support for their childbirth and postpartum recovery. Be Her Village helps parents access funds to pay for doulas, lactation support, maternity leave, pelvic floor care, midwifery care, and other types of support that is often not covered by insurance and out of reach for so many people.

Her dedication to supporting families during the postpartum period goes hand in hand with her passion for teaching effective communication through Baby Signs®. She is excited to continue this multifaceted journey, empowering parents and fostering strong connections within the community.

In the course of connecting with various Birth Centers in the Leesburg, Virginia area, an exciting opportunity arose for her to contribute her expertise at the Body, Birth, and Baby Center. 

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