Fostering Emotional Development

Squiggles With Dog

Lessons in Kindness from Rover and Kitty By: Linda Acredolo, Ph.D One of the most important values that parents pass on to their children is empathy—that is, the ability to recognize what other people are feeling AND the willingness to take action to help them feel better—and in general to be kind and helpful to…

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Celebrating Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Day with Baby Signs®: Empowering Communication and Connection


Welcome to our blog, where we celebrate Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Day on March 8th, highlighting the synergy between SEL principles and the empowering communication tools provided by the Baby Signs® Program. SEL Day emphasizes the importance of fostering social-emotional skills in individuals of all ages, aligning perfectly with the mission of the Baby Signs® Program…

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