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Signs of Success: A Decade in the World of Baby Signs® with Christine Taylor

In the bustling world of parenting, finding effective ways to communicate with infants and toddlers can be challenging. However, certified Baby Signs® instructor Christine Taylor has made it her mission to empower parents and caregivers with the tools to give their little ones a “voice” before they can speak. Let’s delve into Christine’s journey, experience, and the profound impact of the Baby Signs® Program.

Christine’s Background and Journey:

With a 13-year career as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Christine’s passion for communication deepened while working with children with developmental disabilities and Autism. The realization of the vital importance of communication for every individual led her to the path of becoming a Baby Signs® instructor.

Inspiration Strikes:

Christine’s entry into the world of Baby Signs® was a serendipitous one. Bored with a stressful job, she stumbled upon an Indeed post about becoming an Instructor-Certified. Remembering the legitimacy of the Baby Signs® Program from her college days, she decided to embark on this journey, not knowing it would become a fulfilling and impactful career.

Background with Sign Language:

As a Speech-Language Pathologist with a few college-level American Sign Language classes under her belt, Christine seamlessly integrates her background into her Baby Signs® classes. Growing up in a household where sign language was part of daily life, she witnessed its power in facilitating communication. 

Her parents learned American Sign Language together when her mother was a kindergarten teacher with a Deaf student. This upbringing allowed her parents to seamlessly communicate with Christine and her siblings, avoiding the need to yell across rooms or interrupt ongoing activities.

A Decade of Teaching:

Having been an ICI for over a decade, Christine initially taught in the Buffalo, NY area and is now located an hour outside Charlotte, NC. Her commitment to equipping parents and caregivers with the knowledge and tools needed for effective communication shines through in her classes.

Early Childhood Educator Training:

In addition to her classes, Christine offers Baby Signs® Early Childhood Educator training, accredited for 3.0 contact hours of Professional Development credit. This training has been approved by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education, further showcasing Christine’s commitment to providing valuable education and resources to professionals in the field.

Rewarding Aspects of the Work:

Christine expresses great enjoyment in teaching and is passionate about helping people communicate, making her role as an ICI a perfect match. What excites her the most is the ability to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools to tackle communication independently. In parent workshops and play classes, she equips parents and caregivers with what they need for their own homes to enhance their child’s communication. The weeks of Sign, Say, & Play™ classes witness a notable increase in confidence levels, and Christine cherishes the “lightbulb moments” for childcare workers during trainings. Many already possess the skills needed to use the program, and Christine provides them with the knowledge of HOW to use those skills intentionally to boost communication in their classrooms.

Benefits of Baby Signs® Program:

In Christine’s experience, using the Baby Signs® Program offers a unique way for parents to be present in the moment with their infants. It fosters intentional communication, heightening awareness of the child’s habits and behaviors. This program also provides a glimpse into a baby’s mind, fostering trust and connection between parent and child.

Success Stories and Memorable Moments:

Christine shares a humorous anecdote about her own child signing “BUBBLE WATER” to request a specific drink, showcasing the effectiveness and precision of signing in understanding a child’s needs. When her son was about 16 months old, he banged on the refrigerator door and signed BUBBLE + WATER. Despite trying every drink in the fridge, they couldn’t decipher his request. It wasn’t until a visit to her parents later that week, when her son crawled up into her Dad’s lap and signed BUBBLES. They realized her Dad often drinks the Bubly sparkling water – bubble water!! The incident highlights the incredible way in which children’s minds work.

Advice for Parents and Professionals:

Christine encourages parents and professionals to dive into teaching babies to sign, assuring them that the Baby Signs® Program simplifies the process. She emphasizes the incredible journey of watching babies blossom as they open the window of communication.

The Importance of Communication for Safety:

On a serious note, Christine emphasizes the importance of teaching infants and toddlers to communicate for safety reasons. She acknowledges the unfortunate reality that individuals who cannot communicate are at a higher risk of abuse, as they become easier targets for abusers. Christine urges caregivers to consider any small effort to decrease a child’s risk of abuse as a worthwhile investment in their well-being.

Christine Taylor’s dedication to the Baby Signs® Program serves as a beacon for those seeking effective and meaningful ways to communicate with the youngest members of our communities.

If you’re located in North Carolina and are interested in discovering the wonders of Baby Signs®, you can contact Christine at You can also follow her journey on social media through her social media pages, where you can stay updated on her classes, success stories, and helpful tips on incorporating sign language into your family’s daily life.

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