Tina Cavanaugh: Certified Baby Signs® Instructor from Austin, TX

In the bustling city of Austin, Texas, where the culture is as diverse as the food scene, there’s one woman who stands out for her unique and impactful work. Meet Tina Cavanaugh, a certified Baby Signs® Instructor who has been changing the lives of infants and their caregivers for over a decade.

The Journey to Baby Signs®

Tina’s career path is a testament to the idea that life has a way of leading us to our true calling. Prior to becoming a Baby Signs® Instructor, Tina spent several years in the IT sector, working with prominent companies like the University of Texas and Motorola. She also owned small businesses before life threw her a curveball in the form of major surgeries. It was during her recovery period that Tina discovered an opportunity that would change her life forever.
“I came upon Baby Signs® looking for a part-time job through Craigslist,” Tina recalls. Little did she know that this chance discovery would lead her to a fulfilling career dedicated to helping babies and their families communicate more effectively.

The Inspiration Behind Teaching Baby Signs®

Although Tina had never taught before, she couldn’t ignore the recurring message from various aptitude tests that suggested she had the makings of a teacher. “That always cracked me up,” she admits, “but back then, I always thought I could learn to do anything if given enough time.” This confidence in her ability to learn and teach served as the foundation for her journey into the world of Baby Signs®.

A Background in Sign Language

While Tina didn’t have a background in early childhood education, her personal experiences and interests made her an ideal candidate for teaching Baby Signs®. Growing up in a family of nine children, she had always been fascinated by early childhood development. Additionally, Tina had already acquired sign language skills through years of classes at the Austin Sign Language School, which she began attending shortly after moving to Austin, Texas, in 1991.

A Decade of Impact

Tina taught her very first Baby Signs® class in June 2009 in Austin, Texas, and she hasn’t looked back since. Over the years, she has seen numerous families return for additional classes and heard heartwarming stories of how the Baby Signs® Program has benefited infants and their caregivers.
“I’ve kept up with several of my signing families over the years and have now had 2nd and 3rd children in my classes,” Tina shares proudly. These repeat customers are a testament to the program’s effectiveness and the strong bonds it helps create between parents and their children.

The Power of Early Bonding

One of the core principles of the Baby Signs® Program is the importance of early bonding between infants and their caregivers. Tina emphasizes that Baby Signs® allows both parents to engage in bonding from an early stage. By using signs to communicate and meet their babies’ needs, parents form a solid bond that can positively impact their child’s relationships throughout their life.

Heartwarming Success Stories

Throughout her years as a Baby Signs® Instructor, Tina has witnessed countless heartwarming moments in her classes. One particularly memorable incident involved toddlers who had learned Baby Signs® and were playing together. When two of them accidentally bumped heads, instead of crying, one of the boys signed “hurt” to his little friend, displaying both empathy and effective communication. “Can’t get any better than that,” Tina exclaims.

Advice for Aspiring Baby Signs® Instructors

For those interested in teaching Baby Signs® classes, Tina offers some valuable advice. She said it was beneficial to know more signs than what the program teaches, as parents often request additional signs. Additionally, finding a suitable location for classes can be a challenge, but Tina recommends reaching out to businesses with extra space and offering them a solution that benefits both parties.

A Rewarding Journey

Reflecting on her journey, Tina acknowledges that she made more money in her previous IT career, but she firmly believes that becoming a Baby Signs® Instructor has been the most rewarding experience of her life. As she puts it, “an unsolicited hug from a child just pretty much fixes all that’s wrong in your world.”
If you’re interested in learning more about Tina Cavanaugh and her Baby Signs® classes in the Austin, TX area, you can visit her website at www.babysignsbytinac.com or follow her on social media:

Tina’s dedication to helping infants and their families communicate and bond through Baby Signs® is truly inspiring. Her story reminds us that sometimes, the most fulfilling paths in life are the unexpected ones we stumble upon.

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